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That Desi Spark (formerly The Woke Desi)

Jul 28, 2020

Brown Girl Magazine CEO Trisha Sakhuja-Walia joins TWD to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, buying out her partners, how there is space for all South Asians on the world stage, the identity of BGM and her plans to expand. This episode is a must listen-to for emerging entrepreneurs and those who aspire to...

Jul 21, 2020

Two of the four founders of the South Asian Sexual and Mental Health Alliance join TWD to discuss colonized health, minority stress theory, stigmatization and expectations around sexuality, and how full body health has to include both mental health and sexual health in the conversation.

Jul 14, 2020

*This episode is sponsored by Soma Ayurvedic*

Pink Ladoo Project's Raj Khaira joins the ladies of TWD to explore gender inequality in South Asian communities. From women propagating sexism, to how on earth we expect women to stand up for themselves after a lifetime of inferiority, to how feminism needs to be...

Jul 7, 2020

The rate of chronic pelvic pain across the world varies from 14-32%. This stat is likely underreported because women, particularly those in South Asian cultures, assume pain is normal--and it isn't! Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed joins TWD to go over sociocultural factors, endometriosis, pain during sex, why South Asian women's...